Vegilab™ is a laboratory system operated

by Horimasa City Farm with

the collaboration of Diagenetix, Inc. USA.

Vegilab™ focuses on research & development in food safety,

tissue culturing technology, and crop disease diagnostics

to establish better agriculture technologies and practices.

BioRangerTM is a handheld DNA/RNA detector, engineered to detect any gene markers. BioRangerTM has been used by food producers and federal agencies in the United States for on-site detection of microbial contamination and diseases such as E.coli and Salmonella. BioRanger utilizes isothermal DNA amplification technologies such as Loop-mediated isothermal AMPlification (LAMP) and Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA). It is perfectly suited for portable use in the field or small laboratory settings in order to detect the number of gene-targets in agriculture, food safety, and environment. The BioRanger App controls the device and monitors reaction in real-time.

Horimasa City Farm is an official distributor of BioRangerTM, Diagenetix, Inc.