In 2017, Horimasa City Farm built a pilot farm in Oita prefecture, Japan. On 3000m2 premises, three separate facilities have been built and connected through underground circulated pipes system. The XXXX m2 main building contains the Closed Indoor Aquaponics, and VegilabTM laboratory, and some office spaces. This facility is built to completely control the plant growth environment such as temperature, humidity, CO2 level, LED lights and more. The aquaculture facility separate from the main building has 4 fish tanks and 1 large filtration structure, which is equipped with state-of-the-art systems. Currently, 4 fish tanks are used to grow rainbow trout under different conditions. A greenhouse which is approximately 1000m2 was built to practice aquaponics and hydroponics under semi-controlled conditions.

RASRecirculating Aquaculture Systems


* Fish Tank: 10 ton x 4(Total 40 ton
* Fish: Rainbow Trout
* Number of Fish: 4,000 pcs

In this system, Rainbow Trout can grow up to 2kg in 9 months.

Greenhouse Aquaponics


Greenhouse Area Approx. 1,000
* Number of Plant Max. 10,000 Heads
* Harvest(in case of Leafy Vegetables) 56 times/Year(Closed during the Summer; Aug., Sept. 

CEAControlled-Environment Agriculture


* Floor Space 300m2
* Number of Plant Approx. 25,000 heads
* Harvest(in case of Leafy Vegetables) 78 Times/Year